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Travel Promotions works with a Russian timeshare resale website, www.holidaytimeshare.ru, which markets timeshare to Russian speaking clients.

The timeshare resale market in Russia is more robust and buoyant than in Europe. This is because timeshare is a newer product for Russians. Russians are starting to travel more widely and timeshare in Russia does not have the same negative publicity surrounding it. Timeshare sellers tend to have a lot more success than they would have if they placed their timeshare for sale with a European resale company. Russian buyers today are like the British timeshare buyers of 20 years ago.

In fact, the state of the timeshare resale market in Europe and the UK is so poor that most timeshare owners that we speak to cannot sell their weeks for ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER. In addition, most tell us that their resort now has a policy of maintenance fee enforcement. This means that owners cannot even GIVE BACK their weeks to their resort. As a result they are stuck paying maintenance for the duration of their ownership - sometimes decades.

Our resale service is FREE to existing customers. If you are not already a customer, then please call us for advice on 0203 4555286.

Our advice to clients is to never pay money upfront to sell a timeshare on the UK or European market. 99.9% of the time you will be wasting your money, as the market is currently very flat. In fact, research suggests that in the British timeshare market there are 50 sellers to every 1 buyer. So this results in very low prices and an air of desperation amongst sellers.


What are the guarantees of my timeshare selling?

None. There are very few guarantees in life ! However, the Russian market is very strong and growing annually. The market there is quite new and not flooded like in Europe.

How long does my timeshare stay on the market?

It is listed for sale, marketed and advertised until it is sold.

How much will it cost me to sell through you?

We charge no money upfront in accordance with the 2011 European Timeshare Directive. There is no sales commission charged either. It is a free service reserved for our existing customers.
Please contact one of our valuers for a valuation.

Do I have to send my deeds?

Yes, but not until you receive the sale proceeds.

I have tried selling it before, with no luck.

Then now is the time to try Travel Promotions and HolidayTimeshare.ru

Do you have any money back guarantee ?

If you find any other agent to sell your timeshare for the same gross amount before HolidayTimeshare.ru, then we will give you 3 promotional holiday weeks for FREE.

Do you charge for a valuation?

No. Our valuation service is free and usually can be given to you over the phone when you contact one of our valuers.

Are there any catches?

No, we are completely transparent and abide by EU legislation fully (see legal stuff).



Timeshare owners wishing to dispose of their liability need to exercise caution when choosing a company to deal with.

Travel Promotions is registered in both London and Tenerife and adheres to all current and forthcoming European Legislation. Read legislation.

Unfortunately we are in an industry that attracts companies that make wild claims, so it is worth bearing in mind that these companies will usually fall foul of the regulations.

We are members of the DMA,and as such abide by its Direct Marketing code of conduct.

Please remember:

" Companies that promise a 100% refund will be bogus
" Companies that promise a cashback scheme will be bogus
" Companies that value your timeshare excessively will be bogus
" Companies that charge an upfront fee will be bogus



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